IT Audits and Network Assessments

Optimising your network environment, improving network capacity and flexibility

Given the complex IT and fast changing business environment in a highly connected world, IT network audit has increasingly become a critical component of an effective network performance and IT operations. Debscom team of experienced IT auditors are here to perform a thorough IT audit and network assessment to optimise your network infrastructure, discovering capacity issues, security faults, improve network capacity to reduce costs and deliver real business value. Our team will conduct in-depth review and report of all network hardware and software issue.

Nowadays, IT departments are facing big challenges such running on a tight budget and under constant pressure to prove their return on technology investment. IT leaders have been faced with further challenges such as; compliance, security, big data, IoT, digital transformation make IT auditing an essential priority.

Debscom services:
Our IT auditors (CISA) offer you a wide range of IT infrastructure, security and audit services to minimise risk, cyber threats, improve the effectiveness and efficiency of company network communications. Furthermore, our team will make recommendations based on your business needs, and provide you critical decision-making information about the current performance and network capacity. Through a customised company IT audit and assessment, we identify areas of opportunity where IT outsourcing could dramatically impact business outcomes. Our full services include a controlled report documenting our findings and network plan, drawing solution recommendations with strategic objectives.

Debscom IT network audit review and report includes:

  • Network communication assessment
  • Software and system upgrades
  • Simplifies data, business systems, and processes
  • Network discovery and mapping
  • Cost savings on network infrastructure
  • Optimising network performance and productivity
  • Identifying IT network vulnerabilities
  • IT assessment of operational suitability
  • Improve security and preventive security threats
  • Flexible and robust network design
  • Demonstrate due diligence and compliance to industry regulators
  • Disaster recovery plan
  • Advising on future IT investment